Super Combo Bonus

Super Combo Bonus bet at least three combo bets and you get a 40% bonus from Mostbet. Take advantage of this opportunity, you won’t regret it.

Super Combo Bonus
Super Combo Bonus

The table below clearly shows that with an increase in combinations, the percentage of the bonus grows. Therefore, the use of so-called combo bets — leads to an additional bonus in the online casino Mostbet. This means that sometimes a small victory brings more deposits, you need to be brave and you need to make more than three combined bets, and you will receive 40% bonuses from Mostbet. Take advantage of this opportunity and you won’t regret it.

GroupsBets quantityBonus %
Combination with3 bets
Combination with4 bets
Combination with5 bets
Combination with6 bets
Combination with7 bets
Combination with8 bets
Combination with9 bets
Combination with10 bets

How to use the bonus at Mostbet

The process of using the bonus at Mostbet varies according to the terms of the promotion. Each offer contains rules for activation, use and rotation of bonuses. So, read the terms and conditions before activating the program. Normally you need to do the following to use the bonus:

  • Register or login.Bonuses are only available to registered players. If you don’t have an account, please create one.
  • Activate it according to the terms and conditions of the promotion.
  • To get a gift, the player must perform some action. For example, this can be registration, deposit, entering personal data, game success, etc.
  • Get and use rewards. The bonus amount is credited to the bonus account.
  • Depending on the type of activity, you should use your money for sports betting or casino games. Bet your winnings when withdrawing money.
  • Most bonuses require an effort to withdraw from your account. Know the terms and conditions and comply with them. You can only transfer money to your main account and use it to play or withdraw money to your card.

How to transfer bonuses to Mostbet

Each activity has different betting rules. Details can be found on the event page. In most cases, in order to withdraw your winnings from Mostbet, you need to achieve multiple cash returns higher than the gifts you received. A time limit is also set for bets. General instructions for depositing Mostbet bonuses:

  • You must calculate the possible bonus amount yourself before depositing the gift.
  • Find the rotation factor and the time allocated for it on the rule Activity page.
  • Calculate the cash turnover required to withdraw bonuses.
  • For example, you need to bet 5 times the amount to claim the Rs 10,ooo signup gift. 10,ooo rupees x 5 = 50,ooo rupees.
  • Attention to betting conditions.
  • For the above example, an account billing of Rs 50,ooo should be done within 30 days of registration.
  • Note the additional rules. In this example, only cumulative type bets with 3 or more events and odds of at least 1. 0 will be considered.
  • Funds will be automatically transferred from the bonus account to the main deposit once the wagering requirements are met. Since then, it can be used to pay by bank card or bet.
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